Monday, December 28, 2009


From KY:
The common sense in the Arab world is that leaders are superior or god-like figures who are to be followed blindly. Leaders are not questioned, scrutinized or put under any pressure to deliver anything to the people. The people will follow them no matter what. This video is a good example. Gaegae, Jumblatt, Aoun, Nasrallah have all made dramatic switches in their "policies" and the sheep follow them blindly.

Yeah, now compare with Israeli leaders who are all Oxford/Cambridge/Harvard grads who are focused on the welfare of their people. No contest.

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  1. do not compare the leader of the social reform, and anit-religious segregation movement, General Aoun, with sectarian warlords like Jumblat and Geagea. Only the Patriotic party (and the opposition block) lead by General Aoun did propose legislations to start protect the welfare of the Lebanese. The rest of the list you named opposed it, and busily deviated funds. The General Aoun has maintained the same agenda since 1989: no to religious segregation, and yes to social reform. It's the ex-syrian puppet falsely re-branded as "pro-west" who keep swinging. Be factual, and here are the facts, the achievements of the opposition block based on official minutes of the Lebanese parliament: Otherwise you're the one who blindly goes on insignificant rants regarding Lebanon.