Monday, December 28, 2009


From KY:
The rearing of children is totally ineffective in the arabic world. The core of the problem is that male kids are raised with an unrealistically inflated sense of their actual self-importance. Everyone in the family is a slave to the family name-bearing descendant. The male kid is never wrong, everything he does is right. If he beats the neighbor, it is viewed that he is strong. If he throws the trash by the window of the car, it is also viewed positively as he is keeping the family car clean. If he is 'tosh' in class, it is because the mistress/ school is bad. This is why during the civil war (and till today), professors started to give out the good grades -for fear of being beaten or killed and that happened very very often. Basically, the arabic male kid can never be wrong. It's always the fault of others. As the kid grows into an adult, he will spend his whole life reconciling his sense of inflated ego to the realities of life. Nowhere is that more visible than when an arabic man comes to western societies. His misplaced sense of self-agrandizement and arrogance does not match the values/ realities of advanced societies. He has to take the bus like anyone else, pay taxes... He totally hates it and ends up in rebellion/ rejection of his environment. He will naturally seek to destroy his environment (hence his is fertile ground for terrorism). If he grows in his country environment, he will always have problems with any form of authority. He will tend not to respect forms of authority such as the police, the tax, the laws, the red lights, rules (such as mchi 3alal rasif) and perceive them as extremely oppressive. Thus, the only way to get compliance from him is to force him to obey through repression. This is why the arabic people in general believe deep down that a tough authoritarian rule is much preferable for them than a democratic system ("demokharatiyyeh"). But at the basis of this mess is child-rearing. Kids are not taught to be responsible for themselves and to operate in a modern society as responsible citizens. Girls are much better initially (as they want to graduate from their second-rank status in the family), but they usually end up replicating the parental model they observed as children... Therefore, there is not much to be hoped for.

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